INIT: Id “T0″ respawing too fast: disable for 5 minutes under Vyatta

Vyatta is a open source network operating system, upon install under the VirtualBox for testing purpose I notice a repeating error message.

INIT: Id “T0″ respawing too fast: disable for 5 minutes

After checking, find out the error is related to the serial port setting under Bios. To avoid seeing the message there are two option.

1. Correct the Bios setting
2. Disable the “getty” on ttyS0

To disable the “getty” on ttyS0, you need to issue the below command under Vyatta as root and reboot

vyatta@vyatta:~$ sudo sed -i ’s/T0/#T0/’ /etc/inittab
vyatta@vyatta:~$ reboot


vyatta@vyatta:~$ configure
vyatta@vyatta# delete system console
vyatta@vyatta# commit
vyatta@vyatta# save


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